Hexacam’s equipment produces smooth stable footage in 4K, and higher resolution can be captured up to 6.2K. We can reduce these resolutions to suit any media format. For example, a smaller file size for social media applications or other online requirements. Hexacam stores all clients media on a server, for access anytime.

Aerial Photography

VR & AR Filming

To lift a heavy 360 degree stereoscopic camera, a large drone is required. This is a very specialized operation and becoming increasingly in demand.

3D Mapping

With clever software and the latest technical equipment, large high definition maps can be produced in 2D and 3D. We can create a 3D image of a building or an entire mountain! All types of overlays can be added to a map like marker points, colour coding and even plant health (NVDI).


Hexacam was one of the first CASA licensed drone operators in Australia. We have a wide range of experience in all the aspects of drone operation, and move with the pace of the industry with the rapid changes in technology, which results in great results and importantly improved safety.

Hexacam has experience in Television, Online marketing, Real Estate, Agricultural, wildlife habitat and many more aerial film and image applications.

We have equipment to capture HD film and photo’s, infrared pictures, 360 stereoscopic images for the VR world and also 2D and 3D Mapping.