Breathtaking Aerial Imagery using state-of-the-art technology.

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High Definition Aerial
Photography & Cinematography.

Hexacam flies a remote controlled aircraft, which provides a stable platform for a hi-def camera with an unobstructed 360 degree view looking down from above. These aircraft are well known as Drones, UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or RPA(Remotely Piloted Aircraft). Certification by CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) is required to operate them.
With today's technology these machines are extremely sophisticated, with programmable flight management systems that not only provide smooth flight characteristics, but also extreme stability for the mounted camera.

The result is perfectly stable video, even in windy conditions and steady video panning that is smoother than if the camera was mounted on a tripod on the ground. Still pictures are sharp and clear too.

Some people love to see their own home or favourite tree from above with some great aerial shots, and other's are utilising this technology for commercial purposes. Property marketing, powerline inspection, TV advertising, sporting events are just some enterprises using this technology now!

The great advantage of the Hexacam is the cost. Traditionally, aerial photography was done with helicopters. This is time consuming and expensive. Once on site, Hexacam can provide media in under 15 mins at a very cost effective rate!

  • Aerial Photo’s from $99
  • Full Video Production
  • Aerial Spotting and Survey
  • Low cost Real Estate Packages
  • Experienced and Licensed UAV operator