Aerial Drone Photography in Melbourne From an Expert Photographer

See the world from an aerial view with Hexacam

Welcome to Hexacam. We offer Aerial Drone Photography in Melbourne. We deliver high definition imagery and precise video filming using drone cameras. The traditional aerial photography equipment was more costly, time consuming and exposed to accidents as compared to UAVs. But thanks to the technological advancements, Hexacam has cost effective packages for the best aerial shots.

Why Choose Hexacam?

There are not many licensed UAV operators in the Melbourne. We are leading in the industry since we offer accredited drone operator, certified by Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).


With years of experience in aviation, we are capable of flying drones easier than any hobbyist. Our crew has used their drone flying skills to produce a music video as well.

Hexacam offers the following with its Aerial Drone Camera:

  • High Quality Still Aerial Images starting from $99
  • Full Video Production
  • Experienced and Licensed UAV Operator
  • HD and 4k Video
  • Low Cost Real Estate Packages
  • Aerial Spotting and Survey
  • Aerial Drone Photography for Anti-logging Campaigns, Winery and gardens
  • We can provide media files within 15 minutes once onsite, at cost effective rates.

Are you worried about inspecting your property because it is inaccessible? Hexacam is the ultimate solution to your problem. We focus on the exquisite details of your site and create aerial photos and videos at odd positions and angles. A CASA certified pilot is at your service whether you are looking for an advertisement video or a real estate ad.

Seizing Moments with an Aerial Shot

Flying drones is not simple as it may sound; it requires training and experience to produce flawless images from complex positions. We ensure the safety of people and environment at all times. Smooth flight management and extreme mounted stability is what sets Hexacam apart from other drone operators. We seize breathtaking views from aerial drone photography in the form of high-quality images and videos.

Creating your Ideas into Living Images and Videos

A picture depicts a thousand words. Our strength is the ability to convert your ideas into stunning living images and videos. The flexibility of the drones allows us to shoot multiple takes in rapid sequence. Our commitment and passion is to create media in the most spectacular form.

Promote your Real Estate Property with Aerial Photographer

If you are willing to promote your real estate property for the purpose of selling, Hexacam has the lowest packages for you. Allow us to film your marketing video to focus on the key features of your property from an aerial view, covering areas that were once unreachable.

Seeing is believing. Hexacam brings you photos and images that can give you a real feel of nature. We bring you closer to the reality by using flexible launch locations. Easy access to unreachable positions is only possible when the operator has enough courage and experience of the flight. Being an experienced and certified pilot, operating drones at odd elevations is not a challenge for us.

To book an appointment for aerial drone photography in Melbourne, Call us at 0408 828 540 or E-mail us at info@hexacam.com.au