Cherish Drone Videography & Filming From Best Video Production Company In Melbourne

Experience the unique capabilities of drone videography and filming in Melbourne

Hexacam offers a brand new perspective on drone videography in Melbourne at a fraction of the cost. You can use aerial drones to cover live events, market new properties or simply make memories. Our drones are equipped with state of the art HD cameras that will record quality videos and allow you to record everything from amateur projects to professional films.

Use Drones to Showcase Your Property in Melbourne

Hexacam can help you showcase your real estate property for marketing and advertisement purposes. Hexacam is committed to delivering high-quality aerial imagery, which helps to highlight the best features of your property with aerial and ground videos. These videos can help boost the value of your property. Videos are tailored for each property, displaying its unique features and can help attract potential buyers.

Stabilised Videography with the use of Drone Cameras

Creating stabilised videos while maneuvering a drone camera is a challenging task. However, our experts are pretty adept at it and can help you record quality videos easily. Our drone photography and filming is based on creativity and technical precision. While staying up to date with the latest trends, Hexacam is the ultimate game changer in drone videography.

The most important aspect of drone videography is the proper usage of tools, techniques and gadgets. Hexacam takes all these factors in consideration and records and delivers high quality videos in time.

Behind the Scenes

Hexacam is committed to delivering the highest quality of work in a timely manner. The entire process of drone filming involves recording videos on location and later editing them behind the scenes. Our technicians piece together the video of your choice and help edit it according to your specifications.

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