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Introducing sophisticated UAV photography in Melbourne

Thanks to technological advancements, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are now available for the public to utilize. UAVs, or drones as they are more commonly known, have the potential to revolutionize how we approach photography. They can access far off places and can capture beautiful images from the sky.

Cheaper Option

Previously helicopters or airplanes were used to capture aerial imagery. This was of course a very expensive option and not everyone could afford it. However, drones are a cheap alternative and can take better pictures, faster. Thanks to the UAVs, people do not have to worry about the heavy cost that would previously have been incurred for aerial images.

No Reliance on Crew

One of the perks of UAV photography is that you do not need to rely on large professional crews to capture aerial photographs. You just need a UAV drone and one person to control it from the ground. Our technicians are adept at maneuvering a drone and capturing quality images, so you only need to contact us and we will help you take whatever images you want.

Unique Panoramic Views

Be it the hypnotizing natural view between the waterfalls, or the full expanse of a vineyard, Hexacam will be able to help you take beautiful panoramas. Once on site, Hexacam can provide media within 15 minutes at cost effective rates. Panoramic images can be used for marketing purposes and can help potential real estate customers see that full expanse of the property they are buying.

Not many drone operators are licensed for aerial photography, which is considered illegal in some places. We are fully licensed and insured UAV operators, and this sets us apart from other photographers in the Melbourne. Unlike traditional sources of aerial photography, our UAVs stand out and can capture awe-striking photographs at low costs within less time.

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